I am a musician, an ethnomusicologist, a social and cultural activist, a college educator, a meditator and New Thought spiritual practitioner. Click the links to your right to read about my various activities and thoughts and to hear or purchase my music. Click the links at the bottom of each page to leave a comment. Thanks for visiting! Karen

Here my latest Youtube video with my partner, Carmen Arrojo on cajon here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taKHi_1DOdc!

┬áCD RELEASED, “Singin’ a Sonny Song”!

You can now purchase my cd on cdbaby here https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/karentaborn6 for $12.99.

You can also purchase single downloads on itunes.com and Amazon.com for $6.93 (itunes) but note these do not include the physical cd with liner notes, an inside photo and full information on songs, etc.

To purchase all songs on the cd as downloads chose the image below on iTunes.com.

Singin a Sonny CD cover

After you purchase one or the other please return and leave a comment on cdbaby, iTunes or my website on the Music Page. This will encourage others to purchase the cd and it may help to get me on online radio like Spotify!

Thanks and love to you all!

“SINGIN’ A SONNY SONG” on Youtube here:

And make sure to listen to “Billy’s Blues” and other Youtube music posts of mine

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